The Stratosphere IPS project was born in the CTU University of Prague in Czech Republic, as part of the PhD work of Sebastian García. Currently the project is being funded by the NLnet Foundation from Netherlands, to whom we are greatly thankful. Sebastian did his PhD in the ISISTAN Institute of UNICEN University in Argentina.


The researchers working in the project are:

Volunteers & Collaborators

The people collaborating with us are:
  • Veronica Valeros: The Stratosphere Project is proud and thankful to have Veronica Valeros (@verovaleros) as a very important pro-bonus collaborator, malware hunter and Threat Analyst. Her insight and work is invaluable to help us complete our goals.

Founding and Support

Without the support and guidance of the NlNet Foundation and the CTU University, this project would never exist. Please strongly consider a donation to the NLnet Foundation, they are highly qualified to help improve the security and privacy of the Internet.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) of the CTU University and the Center for Computing and ICT (SVTI) of this Faculty are a very important technical support and collaborators in this project. We deeply appreciate and thanks their effort.

We are specially thankful for the selfless support of our project by Virus Total. They are a very valuable resource for our research.


For communications with our group about collaborations, issues, questions or bug reports, please send an email to sebastian.garcia@agents.fel.cvut.cz

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Written by Sebastian Garcia in About on Wed 21 January 2015.