Written by Sebastian Garcia in Research Blog on Mon 19 June 2017. Tags: HTTPs, malware, capture,

Nomad Project

Description of the project

The goal of the NoMaD project is to collect, label, organize and make available a large, verified and labeled dataset of normal and malicious HTTPS connections. This dataset is designed to support the research team at Cisco Prague as well as to support the ...

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New dataset, CTU-13-Extended, now includes pcap files of normal traffic

Written by Sebastian Garcia in Research Blog on Fri 17 July 2015. Tags: Dataset, Research, Malware,

After considering several request we decided to extend the previous CTU-13 dataset to include truncated versions of the original pcap files. The pcap files include now all the traffic: Normal, Botnet and Background. The pcap files where however truncated to protect the privacy of the users, but in such ...

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